Datek Light Control lets you switch and dim your lights
with a web/mobile based interface

Datek Lightcontrol satisfies all your light control needs

Whether it's controlling street lights along the highway - each column separately or the entire row, your sports field, tunnel, cargo port or building, Datek Lightcontrol gives you complete control.

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Street lights

Control fixtures as groups or individually. Get detailed power consumption reports, schedule on and off times with photo cells, astronomical clocks, external sensor signals or events. Dim or turn off your lights in the middle of the night to save additional power consumption. Great for the environment - and great for you.

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Sports fields

Control your field lights using SMS, a mobile app or at fixed hours. Full control of when individual users can control the lights (ie. team leaders in the evening, only maintenance personnel at night)

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Cargo ports

Control your high power port lighting and save power consumption and gain fixture lifespan by alternating you base lighting and additional lighting based on situational needs.

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