Since 2007, Datek has delivered mission critical systems to Gardermoen Fueling Services and Nettbuss at Oslo Airport. The systems has been developed with frequent releases in close co-operation with these two companies.

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High quality operations

Real time info about on-going, upcoming and changing operations with airport flight feed integration.

ALL data is audited, which gives you a complete overview of who did what, how long each step in an operation took, and so on.

Perfect for tracking definable and quantifiable KPIs.

Personnel and vehicle utilization

Both centralized and in-vehicle (self) dispatching supported.

Shift management and resting hours can also be managed by both a dispatcher and back office.

Comply to changing airport demands

The system makes it easier to comply to high and ever changing requirements to reporting and control.


In-vehicle computer

  • Order assignment
  • Electronic fuel ticket directly to cockpit (ACARS)
  • Meter integration with realtime feed to cockpit and dispatch
  • Flight list
  • Fully functional offline
  • Flight list
  • Service and maintenance
  • Vehicle stock (fuel) maintenance


  • Real time updates from all vehicles
  • Vehicles in map with status updates
  • Shift management
  • Split screen management
  • Real time flight list
  • Full audit logging

Administration and reporting

  • Drill down and report design tool
  • IATA XML Fuel Transaction (3.0.0)
  • Automatic management of airlines and airports (Wikipedia scraping)
  • Daily, weekly and monthly transaction and stock management