Datek’s CPAS Messaging Gateway is a standalone application that fills the gap for applications that need to transmit SMS and MMS messages in an operator and protocol agnostic way. In other words, it makes you focus less on how to send messages and more on your core business – what to send. Taking the pain away from network operator specific protocols and versions as well as routing between different network operators. Datek CPAS Messaging Gateway gets you up and running in hours in stead of months, with a tested and proven framework for messagehandling.



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Continuously tested and used in our own applications

CPAS is the product of 15 years of messaging requirements in our own M2M applications.

For content providers and aggregators with dedicated large accounts

CPAS is mainly a product for content providers with its own large accounts towards different operators (or aggregators).

Platform agnostic

CPAS is a lightweight, java based standalone application, which means that it can run on almost any platform.

Up and running in hours

In stead of spending weeks or months developing and communicating with your network operators support organization about interfaces, CPAS is up and running with your configuration in hours, and you only have to integrate your application once.

For both small and large companies

The gateway runs with a very small footprint. At the same time the gateway scales extremely well (>400 messages per second on normal hardware). In other words, whether you’re a small or large company you’ll experience that the gateway will scale to your needs.

Utilizing Datek’s network operator know- how

Through our integration activities, we have a working relationship with many network operators and aggreators in many countries. Make our working relationship your advantage in setting up your accounts and establishing your own relations with these operators.

High-level or low level messaging interface

You may send and receive messages using either low level protocols such as SMPP, CIMD2 or UCP/EMI, or high level protocols using XML/JSON, HTTP GET, etc. Low level protocols gives you full control of all sms message characteristics, while high level protocols allows you to concentrate less on details and more on the actual content.

Flexible routing

Choose between many different routing options, such as operator routing, reply path routing, codeword routing, etc.

Supported protocols

CPAS supports all major low level protocols, such as UCP/EMI (client and server), SMPP 3.3, 3.4, 4.0, 5.0 (client and server), CIMD2 (client and server), Modem, and proprietary CPA protocols for numerous network operators (both bulk (free) and premium messaging)