Complete solutions for controlling
street lights, sports fields,
tunnels, buildings and more



Fueling and passenger transport
are managed through our
Aircraft Ground Handling application.


Complete M2M solutions

Development of customer specific M2M solutions for
vehicle and fleet management, logistics, smart grids,
smart buildings and field workers.


Providing complete M2M products and solutions in multiple vertical markets

Since our startup in 1997, we've provided our customers with complete (hardware and software) best-of-breed M2M solutions based on our M2M platform. The systems are complete with both device hardware and software and can be provided either as a hosted solution or on a dedicated server in the customer's own environment.

What is M2M?

Machine to machine (M2M) refers to technologies that makes devices (sensors, meters and actuators) connected, and makes it possible to capture meaningful events and control these devices in real time.

Light Control

We're the leading light control company in Norway, providing light control for both street, sports field, tunnel and building lighting

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Aircraft Ground Handling

Datek has developed several mission critical aircraft ground handling systems at Oslo Airport (OSL), including fuelling and passenger shuttle dispatch systems. The systems include in-vehicle computers for field workers, vehicle service and maintenance functionality, dispatching and back office functionality for financial transactions and reporting.

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Mobile messaging Applications

Since 1997, many Mobile Network Operators, Aggregator MVNEs and Content Providers have relied on our messaging applications for sending and receiving SMS and MMS messages

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Our Customers